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Training program
Agile Profile® Recruitment Certification


Recruitment managers, mobility and/or talent managers, HRO

YOUR Objectives

The objective of this training is to complement recruitment practices by using an innovative tool focused on acting together, the Agile Profile® Inventory. The Agile Profile® Recruitment and Agile Profile ® Development approach proposes to study the correspondence between the needs of a particular context in terms of agility – i.e. the context of the position to be filled – and the profile of potential candidates. This comparison makes it possible to assess the candidate’s integration capacities and future performance, and also to propose concrete ways to implement integration actions.


  • Personal work of the participants: learning the model of “acting together” in Mobile Learning
  • Completion of the Agile Profile Inventory

Module 1: Agile Profile: Leverage and measurement

  • The Agile Profile® Inventory: a natural action model
  • The notion of calibration
  • Agile Profile® Development: a model for action under pressure

Module 2:

  • Establish a target profile for recruitment
  • Case study of the project

Module 3 :

Practice under supervision until certification is obtained


Practice Supervision: N days of individual supervision

until the certification is obtained


Inter: 890€HT

Intra: quotation on request

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