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Why don’t you take the time to carry out a review? Take advantage of a pause for thought and for gaining perspective, overseen by coaches and trainers who will assist you and who also have sound business experience.

To assist companies and their staff with leveraging their abilities, by means of acting-together, in order to perform on a long-term basis.


  • Individual coaching: Help To assist managers, people with significant potential and managers, to achieve better work performances and create interaction which is more in line with the strategic issues of a company.
  • Group coaching: Help To assist project teams and “natural” work teams to comprehend the systemic operation of the group, and to get teams moving in a clear and organised fashion.
  • Supervision : To assist coaches, trainers, consultants and managers with the practice of their occupations through the behavioural agility approach.

Agil’OA PLUS points

The fundamentals of our approach make the difference:

  • Made-to-measure. Each assignment beings with an assessment of your needs  and of the “contractualisation” of them: Everybody must be committed to the effectiveness of the coaching and the achievement of the objectives which have been set out.
  • FOCUS ON COMMON ACTION. One’s ability to take one’s environment and one’s relationships into account.
  • PROFESSIONNALISM. We guarantee the confidentiality of discussions and hold a three-party conclusion interview upon the business’s request. 

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