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It was at Grenoble Ecole de Management, and in particular at its Institut d’Agilité des Organisations that the research which enabled the approaches and tools offered by agil’OA was carried out. GEM is agil’OA’s partner for the provision of behavioural agility training courses. www.grenoble-em.com

A practice which provides assistance with agile transformations, Cinaps (pronounced synapse in French) helps organisations to adjust to “acceleration”, to complexity and to uncertainty, by developing managerial culture and expertise. www.cinaps.com

A service company which has great expertise in digital teaching and mobile learning, and which has a mission, which is to create modern, fun and engaging content which is reflected in a micro-learning format using the best technologies on the market. SkillsDay assists its clients with the digitalisation of made-to-measure content and also with the distribution of off-the-shelf training on topics regarding purchasing, sales, management, HR performance and also agility! www.skillsday.com

Founded in Montreal in 2013, PÖL Digital facilitates the agile transformation of businesses in North America by means of workshops, training courses, conferences and leadership, strategy and digital innovation assistance services. www.poldigital.com

OptimHommes speeds up and secures transition phases www.optimhommes.fr

Moovaxis helps company heads, directors, managers and employees with their business development needs, assistance, etc. Visit www.moovaxis.com/

An agile management and transformation consultancy – also coaching and training: www.lafabriquehumaine.fr

Open-Online, a company which specialises in training and coaching, administered by means of virtual classes. Using online and live digital tools, Open-Online provides fully-online web-coaching and web-training certification. www.open-online.com


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