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Supervision for individuals and groups

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To assist firms and their staff with leveraging their abilities, by means of acting-together, in order to perform on a long-term basis.


  • Individual coaching: Help to assist managers, people with significant potential and managers, to achieve better work performances and create interaction which is more in line with the strategic issues of a company.
  • Group coaching: Help To assist project teams and “natural” work teams to comprehend the systemic operation of the group, and to get teams moving in a clear and organised fashion.
  • Supervision of individuals and groups : To assist coaches, trainers, consultants and managers with the practice of their occupations through the behavioural agility approach.

Aagil’OA PLUS points

The fundamentals of our approach make the difference:

  • MADE-TO-MEASURE : Each assignment beings with an assessment of your needs and of the “contractualisation” of them: Everybody must be committed to the effectiveness of the coaching and the achievement of the objectives which have been set out.
  • FOCUS ON ACTING TOGETHER One’s ability to take one’s environment and one’s relationships into account.
  • Professionalism. We guarantee the confidentiality of discussions and hold a three-party conclusion interview upon the business’s request. 

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