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Our customised solution

Training courses for consultants / coaches / trainers

Feel like you should take some time out to reflect on your way of doing things ? Take advantage of a training and awareness course led by our expert team, highy experienced in both education and business.

In an ever changing world, self-development is the path to success !
That’s why getting educated will bring dynamism, innovation and performance to the heart of your company !

Our shared objective : 
Assist colleagues, managers, consultants, couches, educators and recruiters in developing the know-how required for collective action.

Training courses for the consulting coaches

Agile Profile®Coaching and Training

Depending on the country, training is provided in a different fashion.

Agil’OA PLUS points : 

  • Tangible progress and improvement upon completion of our training.  
  • Training centred on shared action, in other words the ability to be aware of one’s context and relations.

Agil’oa has been certified by VeriSelect Formation Professionnelle since January 2017, and Qualiopi which guarantees the pathway of a training course, from its design to the trainee’s course.

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