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Transformation assistance

Why don’t you take some time to have a close look at your organisational structure and your managerial practices? Take advantage of a diagnosis and of recommendations provided by our consultants, who will assist you with their sound business experience.

To develop the ability of companiess and of their people to invent, themselves, their own solutions by means of act-together/


  • From Boards of Directors to teams on the ground, we will assist you in creating an in-depth transformation of your company, and in putting in place new processes, shared by all.
  • Analysis of the current state of affairs, “contractualisation”, and so on – our work is precisely catered to each company.
  • Depending on your needs, we will put in place various mechanisms which will together form a coherent whole, and which will create an effect at the right level – as regards strategic agility, organisational agility, operational agility, and behavioural agility.

Agil’OA PLUS points

The fundamentals of our approach make the difference:

  • Angle of attack: the behaviour through an approach which is part of our innovative tool, the Agile Profile®.
  • Awareness-creation conference.
  • Made to measure assistance services, fully adjusted to suit the needs of your company. 

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