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Our model of the age of agility

Faced with a turbulent world it is time to reinvent a new flexible and faster self.
The core of our assistance services is based on the synergy of knowing how to act together, of practical know-how and universal know-how. We assess and develop common action , in other words the cooperation, the anticipation and the innovation of an individual, of a group or of an organisation in order to optimise his, her or its overall and long-term performance, complying with the satisfaction of the involved parties

Faced with complexity, it is time to turn towards long-term performance.
In a world which is rapidly transforming, our society is experiencing difficulties operating according to the principles of Taylorism, which have been established since the first industrial revolution. Immediate quantitative performance  is inferior to long-term qualitative and quantitative performance. Rationales which operate based on maximums (of size, of profitability) are gradually tending to give up ground to rationales based on optimums (multiple criteria and multiple actors).

Faced with the difficulty of creating growth it is time to create criteria for success based on reciprocal satisfaction and on meaning.
The quest for wealth and power is giving way to a quest for performance combined with wellbeing. Individualism is giving way to the rise of altruism. More than technology, Man is becoming the real source of value-creation in our society which has now become relationship-based. The know how to act together, in interdependence with various involved parties, internally and externally, has become a way of avoiding blind spots and of identifying useless actions.

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of the age of agility?


Focusing on providing meaning instead of giving orders

Anticipating consequences instead of breakdowns

Working for instead of working with

Change what-you-must” instead of changing everything

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1 – Understand difficulties in a humanist approach more than in a materialistic approach.

2 – Aim for honesty over influence. 

3 –  Aim for operational simplicity over intellectual complexity.

4 – Develop a culture of change over managing change.

5 – Try to establish reciprocal relations over  relations of dependency. 

6 – Exchange overall offerings (of products, services, information, relations, etc.)  rather than material products and acts, both internally and externally.

7 – Try to achieve satisfaction of the party in question on a multi-criteria basis rather thanmere completion of a task.

8 – Spontaneously share information   rather than making it available.


Our model

of the age of agility

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